About us

FlexTax AG advises private individuals and SMEs on taxation matters, in finance and accountancy and in HR administration. We advise small and medium sized enterprises and private individuals from the German-speaking areas of Switzerland, mainly in the region around Zurich. Our aim is to relieve the burden on our clients in relation to taxation, finance and administration, in order that they can concentrate on their core business.


The initial discussion is non-binding and free of charge. At this meeting, we will show you the opportunities offered to you by our consultancy and support services.

Many of our customers are regulars, who appreciate FlexTax for its personal ambience and flexibility. We provide every client, whether they are a private individual or a business, with a personal contact, and they can rely upon specific, individual advice.


Roger Hängärtner


Certified Fiduciary

Michael von Euw


Accountant with swiss examination

Patrick Huber-FlexTax AG

Patrick Huber

Trustee specialist

ph@flex-tax.ch, 044 552 71 30

Somayia Saberi-FlexTax AG

Somayia Saberi

Trustee specialist

sa@flex-tax.ch, 044 552 71 37

Celine Bettschart-FlexTax AG

Céline Bettschart

Trustee specialist

cb@flex-tax.ch, 044 552 71 38

Esther Wichtermann-FlexTax AG

Esther Wichtermann

Trustee specialist

ew@flex-tax.ch, 044 552 71 39

Alena Pfister-FlexTax AG

Alena Pfister

Commercial trainee Profile E

Elsa Maliki-FlexTax AG

Elsa Maliki

Trustee specialist

em@flex-tax.ch, 044 552 71 39


We speak the following languages:
  • German
  • English
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • French

FlexTax AG offers apprenticeship places. We are looking forward to educating trainees.